Xulrunner invoking Xul

As part of understanding Miro, I have a chance to build upon my understanding of XUL. I see that it is a shared library of functions that are used to make applications. Another type of script. I have made a minimal XUL application. This is one step in understanding the overall structure of Miro. I have also studied the history and culture surrounding ".torrent". It does surprise me that the code for Miro has so many different sections and I probably will create a "C" language test package to simulate the entire application. It seems that managing lists, configuration, layouts, key and mouse handling, graphics, and even video play could just as easily be incorporated with standard "C" libraries. The unique thing about this is the fact that it uses torrent and I am not sure that this is even necessary to the overall utility.

ADDED: Now I went on from XUL ( subset of XML ) to RDF and XBL. I have a new appreciation of all the inter-related specifications and their use and implementation. I am not sure that many people actually understand all of this. URLs, XML, CSS, HTML, XBL, RDF, XHTML, chrome, java, javascript, XPI, VRML, SVG, XUL, DOM, ..... I have a much better grasp and perhaps in a few months it will be coherent. At the moment it is understood in its context, but I cannot reason with it. It will be some time before it resolves to a coherent model that I can "see" the changes as they happen in my mind. It does seem to be a big advantage for creating applications and there are definite issues of trust involved when most people use technology. This is the biggest advantage of open source is that I can trust and verify.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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