Friendly peers

It seems to me that the continuous weight of paying for internet is more of a tax than a service. It should be possible to establish a torrent of friendly peers that distributes data more rationally. If I can coordinate with friends locally, we can share the burden of data so that things that are commonly used become local to our system and operate outside the internet. It is really only new information that is needed.

An example might be the feeds of what happens daily. I always read slashdot and various news of technical nature while avoiding the fluff. In the same way that a blog can collect a certain set of information, I can establish a peer relationship to people in my college town.

There is a special interest group involved that seeks to understand and learn in many areas. This does not mean that I would want to be a complete provider, only a hub for scientific information. In the process I can establish wireless or wired communication directly with my peers. In the case of a news feed that everybody is interested in, it is taken from the source only once. ISPs are taking freely available information and selling it millions of times it seems.

It costs very little to duplicate a bit of information and the shared load of what is common to all is far less than costly to transmit and maintain in this configuration, It kills centralized control and the ability to regulate who gets access to information. I am not interested in making movies, songs, and games available to people without cost. I only care about the information which leads me to greater understanding.

It would seem that I could have a wire or RF that runs to my neighbor and he could be a friendly peer. Within the college community it is possible to have a personal knowledge of your peers. At any given time , I have physical contact with as many as a thousand other students and I can assume that this would lead to immediate overlap in those who are one step away. I can establish a peer relationship with people I know and trust which precludes the possibility of random interference from continents away in an anonymous manner. I don't care if I loose anonymity with the people I connect to in this way as I already know them personally.

This also serves as a good model for distributed intelligence in a bot net ( like a nanobot net in a cell system ) or a space based system that is not easily destroyed by limiting a single node. It seems this is what the internet should have become, however it has become a game to establish centralized control for the benefit of a few.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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