Another Fermi thought and immortality

It is possible that the structure of the universe is not uniform. What I mean by that is that atoms that exist in other galaxies may be different than the ones in this galaxy. It would mean that traveling to a different galaxy would be far more difficult if not impossible. In the same way that we must have oxygen, we must have a specific atomic configuration to live. I know this is contrary to prevailing opinion, however I think that saying the universe farted and then every proton, neutron and electron came into existence at once is actually more of a stretch. I don't feel strongly about this as a possibility, however it is one of those things that is a potential.

On immortality, it seems there have been some breakthroughs. Here. I am studying it along with JSON ( JavaScript Object Notation ).

ADDED: interesting link for physics. And wiki bosons and wiki Weak force and strong force


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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