Windows ready PC

I wonder how badly Microsoft lawyers would spit and scream if I sold a PC with Linux installed with Xen or Wine and called it Windows™ XP ready computer. It wouldn't actually have a version of the software on the computer, but would have a virtual machine capable of operating it. I think that Wine does an excellent job of simulating these things and strangely it seems to work much better than Windows itself most of the time.

I would think that if it came with the complement of many open source programs that run only native on windows, it would be difficult to tell when it had the OS installed. Much of what an OS does is driver and hardware related. Hardware manufacturers that make PC's have gone along with the Wintel steam roller as it was in their favor.

By limiting access they could build their own little monopolies too. In many ways the practices of Microsoft, Intel and all of the associated thieves have led us into this economic collapse, where the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Competition makes good products, however it is the manipulation of life itself that is involved in monopoly. It is a criminal act imposed on people by the companies in collusion with the government.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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