The galactic internet concept

I will start with the assumption ( however valid ) that there is life everywhere in the universe and then consider what that means to me. I would guess that it would follow much the same path that life on Earth follows. In the mix of all life would be races that functioned in cooperative and coherent ways and races that were aggressive and would kill and torture and deceive their way across the galaxies like a plague. Much like the internet or business or politics, the system is a complex mix of reason and madness. It would seem that it would be advisable for those who functioned as a reasonable race to enlist and support those who could aid in their goals.

It would also seem that a naive race would easily come to be prey for those who operate without any limitations or sense of ultimate gain, simply a parasite that eats is way through everything to eventually die as it consumes itself.

So then I will assume for the moment that those who wish to use and those who wish to become allies will use the same techniques of communication and even the same exact words or methods. It is like spam, it tries to mimic something good so it will be applied with its poison. It then requires that any communication be phrased in a way that it can be determined what the intent of the process might be. I will consider what type of communication I would establish to allow other races to combine and coordinate for mutual benefit.

Once this is determined it would seem reasonable that as the level of understanding rose, so would the techniques improve and it would seem reasonable that it is much like offering an open source alternative to software. The information is offered without any strings and the receiver has full control of what they possess. I was shocked to find out that Micro$oft licenses its software in such a way that you may not use it on any other hardware than it was originally delivered. This is an example of how I would know that their intent was to consume and control.So, in my opinion, Micro$oft is the evil alien in our midst. A good example of the monster to avoid.

I will assume, and I think this is reasonable, that a person such as myself with great capability and the ability to travel in space, would see the need to provide a method of communication that could be inferred by a reasonable person and ignored by a predator. As a result I would guess that there is a method present and I merely need to determine what that method would be and how to use it. I suppose I will have to try the intergalactic BBS first.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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