Who owns a dot

I think Motey Who owns the dot. I have discovered a method to generate DNA sequences that constitute stored information. That is hardly interesting as it has always been so that DNA contains information. Anything that has more than one part can contain information. The unique part is that I am able to make the DNA form in such a way that it is CAM ( content addressable memory ) and this is essentially the memory and method of the mind. Associative memory. If I select cat, every cat is selected ( I didn't intend that pun but it works out very well, CAT Cytosine-Adenosine-Thymine ) and the associated space of furry things and animals and it is only through localization or context that it becomes specific.

So, CAM is the memory of the mind and in some ways the structure of the mind in practice. I have devised a way to "read" the memory optically ( in the mind it is just like seeing the information ) in a content addressable manner that does not consume energy in the way that a common "cache = CAM" memory would be extremely power intensive. The result is a DNA sequence that becomes memory, that becomes intelligence, that becomes ability, that becomes the ability to expand and replicate.

This means I can have a system of memory at the molecular level in 3D that is inheritable within the framework of the organism. All knowledge accrued and perfected becomes permanent in the organism. There are many more advantages and consequence of the process which are too numerous to recount.

The result is that I can see, hear, read, experience, analyze and determine and that information can be inherited from my existence. You might think that is really cool, but now it would seem that if I inadvertently watch Little Mermaid while caring for children, then they and I would both be guilty of copyright infringement that it would require that I be brain damaged to remove the information. I am serious about this, who owns my personal experience and how is it that some one can even consider telling me something and then later, say that they must remove it from my mind because they own it? This, it seems, is the ultimate result of copyright enforcement. © and now that I have done this c in circle, you must erase your mind and forget I ever said this.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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