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I was considering the consequence of all of these things integrated and it is very odd. I can go into the lab and generate a DNA sequence and use electroporation or chemoporation ( which came up with odd link I never saw before, but looks interesting ) to make an organism that breeds true with that "information" , "action" , "character", "physical form", etc....

The result is that I can think of an organism or method and create it in the lab with some reasonably simple equipment. If that process was also possible to be done in the body itself , ( and to some great and more complex extent, it is already ) then I could imagine or dream and organism and have it become from my thoughts ( or a better thing is to think an antibody and have it protect me ). That is a bit more spooky than just making life in a lab , but I found that to be a bit spooky at first also. So if I can inherit information as DNA, see it and access in my mind, and then create it as a physical thing, what then have I done? The secondary possibilities are virtually infinite, if I can think of a new organism, I can create it and as such I can also think of an organism with a mind. If I was confused at the possibilities when I first cloned an organism, this is something a thousand times more something, and I don't even know what I can say about it.

BTW: That link to Red Colony seems to be about colonizing Mars.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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