I make the eye that sees the sea in c with gcc

In the ongoing extension of the process of automatic manufacture it seems reasonable that eventually the process which is predicated on the control of matter and proceeds to understanding would also be able to manipulate matter directly. If thought becomes material by a method of biologics, then it seems the most reasonable extension. The ability to take matter in the form of various molecular compounds and then produce a physical complex structure is what an organism does constantly.

By making a method by which the process is complete in its form it allows that the mind which is created from the substance will create the substance that becomes the new mind. In some ways this already happens as an automatic process and I have considered that my liquid computers must constantly reinvent themselves. The step of making the process integral to being is only natural. Why would I create a mechanism that has a motive of its own and then attempt to control that motive for my purpose from the outside, when it is only reasonable to have the ability to control at the point of the motive process.

I can make an eye that sees in dimensions and the implementation of it outside the body requires that nearly all the structure that exists within the body already, needs to be duplicated, and I wonder what advantage that could have except that it could be mechanically replicated and used without intelligent guidance. I see many things, in many directions.

To put it more simply, I intend to make the necessary method that allows a thought to become material.

ADDED: I suppose this is very much like the creatures from Dune that folded space or even like the creatures from Ringworld ( the protectors ) who were biological enhanced to become something more than what they were originally, however that which proceeds naturally from the process of existentialism, thought, perception of existence and then instantiation in existence as a logical consequence of that process is inherited in the structure and as such is not mutation or perversion, but reasonable extension within the framework of existence. If I create a machine that sees in "high space" then this seems a perversion of the human existence as at some point the machine will say "You need to press this button" and I must either say that I give up my will to the machine and become its slave or incorporate that same ability within myself and thus it is known.

The continuous reach to make machines that are more capable than life is a futile process as it implies that we will eventually give up our existence to the machines we create and I reject that as a foolish pursuit.

MORE: A better title might be "I have the eye that sees the c and sees the sea and the mind that knows the sight can make the c that makes the eye that sees the sea.". It is the Blaidd Drwg , I create myself.

In terms of the alternate methods of scientific pursuit that may have arisen in the time before history, I have a suspicion that lurks always about that, there is something more to be known and this is a step to understand this. I have a tool that allows me to look at molecules as they act and as such it is not a question, to me, whether a particular thing is provable in a chemical process as I merely need to view it in order to see that my assumption is correct. The device itself needs no expensive construction and is possible to be created in many ways. It could just as easily have been a tool of the Pharaoh's scientists. As such it would only seem natural to them, as it does to me, that if the mind can incorporate this method, then the machine need not be created and the person has the power within their own being.

The same issue arises almost immediately and that is the issue of time and I have a different impression of the meaning of that concept as I suspect that they also did. Things can be instantaneous and act at a velocity that is measurable, only because we are a part of that system. It may seem strange to imagine that we can measure an infinite in this aspect, but it must be so. In the same way that all things act everywhere, they also have order, and that order is never violated as it cannot be. As much as mν is constant, so is order.

It is a type of science that would not lend itself to archaeological discovery in the physical sense. It would require some knowledge of the science itself to realize that certain things that were expressed could be a reflection of that which would leave no trace. Before the understanding of electricity or even batteries, it was not realized that the Egyptians had devised batteries to generate electricity. It would seem that this fact, which was not even understood for another 5,000 years would have been a wake up call to give a person the idea that much more was going on there than would meet the eye of an uninformed observer. The scientific method has not existed for very long ( in comparison to the time of the Egyptian dynasties ) and it is fraught with the same problems that destroyed early science, and that is a form of control over the free expression of ideas, that erodes the understanding and uses new information to take advantage of others instead of building upon the centuries of cooperation that is the nature of free science.

It is the same reckless disregard for science, which should be applied as a method for growth, applied as a means to personal enrichment, to enslave, to terrorize, and to dominate. It doesn't work well to dissociate the ability to use something intelligently, from the process of a complex system.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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