I knew it would come to this

I knew that it would all come to this eventually, either through nanotechnology, biologics, cyber engineering, electronics, or biologics. The reality of it has more weight however and it is fine to say that when "x" happens then "y" will be a consequence, however, the way in which it plays itself out in the universe is very much a different thing. It is not possible to look into chaos and see the resolution of millions of conflicting vectors of action and interaction. Here on Earth with the number of people involved and the transfer of information at the speed of light around the world, it becomes a billion factorial in an instant. The reality of the resolution is always in doubt. No computer, mind, system or society has this kind of ability, nor will it ever.

The problems like TSP ( traveling salesman problem ) abound in the universe and when a single event can alter the nature of every other thing in the universe ( as it is obvious it does ) then each thing that happens is well beyond (10120)! * ∞4 complex.

I some times feel that I exist in a delusion because some people I know will not even look at or consider the strangeness that is evolving before our eyes and I sometimes imagine that it may be just a thing that is here and will be gone if ignored, but I know that it is not and that it must be dealt with in what ever way it can be and this is all I can do.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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