What is the sqrt(sqrt(-1))

I was watching a video on Miro from a famous scientist and he was describing how simple sqrt(-1) could be explained and though he seems to be quite skilled, I think he is quite deluded also. The math is a logic method system designed to model something and when it is wrong, everything seems odd and convoluted. I cannot identify a condition where sqrt(-1) would be valid, any more than x/0. The definition of a system of logic that is purely fictional and then translated to some real situation is bizarre.

I came up with a joke in the 1970's about logic gates. It was a logic gate that forced the output true, independent of the input state. It was called the "or-else gate" and was manufactured by mafia semiconductor chip fabrication facilities.

The fact that sqrt(-1) is implied to create a new dimension is interesting, however, and I am sure there is some correlation there. It doesn't imply that I accept that it is a valid way of dealing with the math, however once things have been instantiated in a certain way, knowledge precipitates around it in the same way as a crystal. The idea seems to pervert topology and dimensional space to imply that a bad method is somehow valid.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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