Living dagger of the dark

Before I do a little science fiction vignette, I wanted to link to some new stuff. A nanotechnology to brain interface that runs on light. And a link to some Kurzweil stuff about transhumanism. I manged to do a general summary of all TED talks through Miro and complete several online courses in electronics and chemistry and biology. I also managed to go through huge video data bases of information and develop methods to use the information there.

The TED talks were interesting as they allowed me to see how some people act and look. The additional information was very helpful.

A mini Science Fiction or perhaps a lead in to the real story.


The living dagger born of the Queen of the holy dark. Into the arm.

They were born as banshees fleeing the destruction at the edge of the universe and had no choice in their origins. It was necessary for them to destroy everything in their path and push it behind them to get away from the hell in which they were born.

In this century the Queen approached the arm of a galaxy at a speed just below that of light and began the selection. She injected the living daggers to reach planets and grow in the life there, if it existed. They were born for one purpose, when they found what the Queen wanted, they would signal and she would form a tendril that moved ahead of her appetite to consume the knowledge and technology there.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen