Vista is a turd

A Linux client of mine convinced me to help a friend who had a Vista system. I spent about an hour examining the situation and some people may say that Linux is clumsy and difficult, but when you see a fully featured Vista system with all the add-ons and complexities, it is a fing nightmare atrocity. The consumer is not technologically aware and as such they cannot make a decision on what is a good system to use and as a result they buy what is promoted on TV and advertisement. It is not possible to say that they should use something safer and more usable as they cannot be convinced by a mere mortal, when TV has told them this is good and they must do it.

Technically speaking it is a huge complex monstrosity that only serves to hobble the user. XP is okay in my estimation if it didn't have such a poor reputation for security and it is out of date. I see no way that I can fix Vista so it is usable by an individual or even repairable by me and I have 30 years experience in computers and it is a total POS nightmare of kluged together engineering.

I suspect the machine is infected with downadup also and, how is a user supposed to know? I think the machine needs to be wiped and replaced with Linux and Microsoft should be sued for selling this as an OS. It is false advertising, plain and simple. It is not a usable piece of software, it is junk.

Having used Linux for several years now I can say I have had a few issues in that time, in comparison to Vista, it is no comparison. Once a person can appreciate the consistency and ease of use of Linux, it is not possible to look at Vista and say anything other than WTF is this shit! If I were forced to use that system at work I would certainly hit it with a ball peen hammer and be fired or arrested. It is a nightmare of continuous popups that ask bizarre and inscrutable questions. I asked the user what they did about a particular popup that requested a software to be installed and she said that she just clicked okay to everything that popped up as it was too confusing to decide what it meant. There is the answer why "downadup or conflicker" is raging across the world. Ms has created a system that inherently and completely insecure for the individual user and the only way for them to be safe ( and not to be a danger to others ) is to turn off the machine and disconnect it from the internet.


jordaenne said...

Well hi there Paul.

Thanks for your last comment.So you were saying that twins could communicate seperately.communication in nature fascinates me endlessly and indeed it is endless.

As far as this post goes Paul I see you, a computer expert to be like a medical doctor fully aware of all that can go wrong.ha ha.which is excellent we need people like you to fix the computers.
It is minimal what I know about computers. I used public terminals just until 2 years ago.Everyday it amazes me and is well worth the trouble and for me not the worry because I don't know the mechanics behind it.ha ha.
I also avoid going to doctors because they probe and find this and that problem and I find it is better just to have positive thinking. ha ha. and I have purchased a 5,ooo dollar credit card at my computer store and I am ready for a crash. But I have had Vista for two years and all I can say about that is that it has worked beautifully and I am keeping my fingers crossed and I have heard that some last for 5 years so I am hoping ha ha which is better than knowing and worrying.

Any problem I have ever had has been solved by Hewlett Packard on the phone. My life changed when I got my computer.Now I spend hours per week talking to computer agents on the phone in India.haha.

Well I was told to download everything by Hewlett packard and microsoft but then I think there is an automatic download which makes sense.The system should know what is good for it.

Anyway I marvel at this machine all the time. I wanted to colour my drawings in a adobe but I din't want to spend 1000dollars and the other day I downloaded a beautiful professional tool free! you can donate but it is free.

Anyway trusting that my computer and my body will make all required necessary adjustments for survival I continue along my merry way and leave the worrying for you experts.

thanks for listeningPaul!You brought up a hot topic!

have a beautiful day filled with love and light.

jordaenne said...

Actually I have to qualify this. I do go to medical doctors but only if I absolutely have to & I don't go for check-ups if I am not having medical problems.

I will be back for the previous post.Pour on the -physics?


Paul Mohr said...

I am glad you got a machine with such good support. I do enjoy your blog also. I am also glad that you take care of yourself. I try to avoid treating every symptom as if it were critical and so I understand your point about the doctor. I consider myself lucky that I have never had any serious illness or needed any serious care.

Wei-Yee Chan said...

Anything made by M$ is a turd.

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Automated Intelligence
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