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Microsoft attacks open source.

Immorality and rotten food at wired....Stem cells for universal tissue....Physics non-locality and programming.....And ongoing battle with the forces of chrome and Xul.

I think the emotional control of the mind is very telling in how the overall process works. The methods that determine how memory is stored and what quality the information takes is inherent in the emotional process. The concept of good and bad, along with the associations that are created by society make a very interesting case for a "language method" that programs the mind. A bit scary I think, considering that GATTACA is here and designer babies are already being selected as we speak. The next step would be to establish a program that can be implemented in the mind.

I discovered a new relationship on the cell level that implies a complete, separate mechanism which is epigenetic. It would be the precursor to DNA and it must exist. The mechanism of its inheritance could be in the fact that it can modify DNA, and as such it can intertwine itself in the DNA and re-emerge. There is a specific molecule that is yet to be documented that serves as the "interface" to the logic. It must be about as complex as a ribosome and able to bind to DNA. I am reasonably certain that it is involved in DNA repair and serves as the primary stability factor in a genome. It would virtually be a type of symbiotic RNA virus.

Everyone seems to be focused on how GATTACA would lead to human conditions that were very unusual, but I think the greatest change will come in things outside the human form. Genetic systems that are self programmed to a specific task in the same way that a toaster is made to be used in a specific limited capacity. Designer bees, ants, birds, horses, elephants. The history of breeding animals for specific purposes is prehistoric in its origins and can just be as simple as selection of a species by killing the undesirable elements.


uograde01a said...

Thank you for the link back to my blog.

I recently updated that post.

You may find it unusual, or exactly as expected, or some other finding.

Let me know if I am wrong about that please!

Personally, I like the idea of a Mr. Burns-like character owning several cyber-dogs with built-in web cam, brain-chip interface; with very-very-very strong legs, jaws and teeth.

"very-very-very" - added to the New English Oxford dictionary 2037

adv. "more than very-very and much more than very"

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Automated Intelligence
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