How does it all relate

In the complexity of the universe there are many parallels and vectors that point to solutions and methods. When I program I see the logical relationships between actions and consequence. The tools that apply to the analysis of code also apply to the control of biological process. The continuing growth of information about how systems interact within the biosphere have very close associations with how a computer is programmed.

The process of creating a software that mimics the process of genetics or chemical life is the purest form of programming as compared to the contrived interface of mechanical devices. In the same way that I analyze a package of software designed for a specific purpose, I can hypothesize that it requires a specific piece of logic to act in the manner that it does. From decades of troubleshooting design problems it becomes second nature to model a system and then fill in the blanks with interfaces that must be present to serve a specific purpose. In the case of small discrete logic circuits it is possible to place analyzer probes at specific points and determine what function is being implemented.

More complex systems can be analyzed in the same way, blocks of process that function repeatably must have a specific internal mechanism to achieve their process. From the overall analysis and progression of design, ( or evolution ) it can be said that there are process steps to the design itself. Integrated circuits and other devices proceed in a step wise fashion and can be predicted in general to follow certain design paths that may involve economic forces.

It is a logical progression to produce self replicating memory cells, and self replicating carbon based transistors. I think that technology is not following a 2t growth curve, but has proceeded to a t! or t factorial expansion. The transition point began to become fully obvious only months ago. I can see the effects of this growth and it presents some very interesting boundary conditions.

Once a language and system is devised by which 3 space development of biological systems is known, there must be a very large shift in how energy is used and how life is measured.

There also comes a point where conclusions are not subject to interpretation and the logic which leads to a conclusion is inescapable. Even the emotional baggage of human evolution will be quantified and factored. I really can't even guess what this will produce as a consequence.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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