Talking to the internet

Someone suggested that the internet might become intelligent and that seems strange because it obviously already is. I can talk to the internet by speaking some TCP/IP and it responds. If it is busy with a DDoS it will ignore me sometimes. I think that a single celled organism can be intelligent in some ways and anything can have a degree of intelligence. It could be said that my CPU can feel "pain" ( pressure to avoid ) when it gets too hot and has to rest for a while. It is similar in the fact that, if it continues with functioning at that thermal level it will cease to exist.

Defining intelligence is a tricky business and some of what we consider objective is subjective. The holistic view of existence leads a person to associate in context and relate their experience to others. It makes it no less valid, but subjective understanding leads to some rather odd consequences. I must accept that my personal existence as experienced directly makes it necessary to value my own experience above that which is indirect and merely implied. A person of the same species could accept the experience of others more easily as it relates more closely with their understanding.

I could accept that a machine has characteristics that emulate or simulate human properties, however it is the composite of attributes that makes it possible to associate empathy with existence.

In terms of talking to the internet, I am studying numerous new methods that were discovered by looking into Xul. I am going over the liferea source again and pulling the svn ( subversion repositories ) of several packages to look at how they implement their communication with "the Ghost that lives in the machine" ( the internet ). The "Ghost of the living wire" is pretty smart and knows a lot of things and a lot of people.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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