Autonomous Internet (AI)

I was watching interviews with Isaac Asimov on youtube and considering some other facts about the internet. It seems to me that based upon his concept that he lives on through his writings, he has cast the algorithm that a person's existence can live on through his works and in the case of the internet it becomes a great mind composed of all the minds that were are still exist. By expressing ourselves in a way that may carry on forever in some form or other in the minds and understanding of others, we have taken immortality by giving knowledge.

I can easily relate to many of the concepts that he proposes and in some ways I see he has not gone far enough. That is the nature of growth. The future is built upon the past and each new extension of understanding diminishes the importance of the contribution of those whose provided that opportunity. It is no less commendable that they have given their understanding and direction, but as they and I realize, it is merely a suggestion as to where we might find that best vantage point of the universe and Asimov has said to go west into infinity and I have made my way there to see that perhaps I will wander west by northwest to something that he could not have foreseen.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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