Professional deception

The misrepresentation of reality is not limited to con men, spammers, and thieves. It also pervades pseudo science and in main stream science in a more unusual way. Many professional people use their intellectual capacity to manipulate others. In some places it is just called marketing or advertisement. I think it still qualifies as manipulation. In some cases the people involved are not even aware that they are doing it on a conscious level.

I just finished an analysis of the genesis of life and I believe I have a coherent method which could be applied from the point of existence of carbon monoxide and cyanide to the first cellular life. It has been something running in my mind for about 25 years. Many tasks get started and some never resolve. I suppose it is similar to a multi-tasking OS and I see things I wish I understood and then put them in a list and when information becomes available I will re-analyze the problem. Sometimes I just revisit them and apply new techniques.

I think I have resolved neutron decay to my satisfaction also. XUL is now usable, however that subject needs to be revisited a few more times. I have absorbed as much of it as I can for the moment.

Today I am looking into command line interface to the internet, libCurl, wget, web crawlers, and methods to manage the content of internet in such a way that it is more convenient. I am going to give AliceInfinity(AI) a new tool when that is completed. I plan to make an interface for the AI that respects robots.txt and other practices of identification that are considerate. I intend no violations of CAPTCHA or auto spamming. I may dig a way into the "deep or invisible" net.

Methods to support:

* a selection policy
* a re-visit policy
* a politeness policy
* a parallelization policy

I also intend to add some javascript to make my blog more entertaining and perhaps use some of the new tools to allow access to the programs I create to allow others to see how gdata and other interfaces can be used to personal advantage to identify material that fits their interests.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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