Probability of Neutron decay

In the case of a Neutron it is measured in Half-life of decay which involves a process of unknown mechanism. Certain things can be determined from the underlying structure by the probability itself. In the case of chance which involves card games there is a know state of the cards when they are shuffled and so it is a predictable result if the card positions are known.

It can be said that the complexity of the mechanism which is characterized by probability is exposed in some fashion by the results. In the case of coin flips, the results say that there are only two states involved and in the case of neutron decay this is also true. It is either heads ( no decay ) or tails ( Proton and electron ). There are certain things implied about the process by the consistency and nature of the products. Beta Decay Wiki. This involves a hypothesized or putative neutrino as an object. Electrons are emitted with a continuous spectrum of energies and in order to satisfy conservation of mv, ang mv, and m it is assumed that a counterpart must exist and that is certainly true. In the larger picture of all electromagnetic effects it seems there would be an association that closer fits in a consistent framework.

To assume that a probability distribution is the core of the method seems irrational to me. Certainly probability can model the process, however the underlying method cannot be an imaginary roulette wheel. The roulette wheel must have physical instantiation and even the probability interaction is assumed to be causal in its form. I will assume that there is a third party ( or fact, or method ) involved in the interaction itself, as it seems that the complexity and operation cannot be explained consistently with the assumed players.

This reminds me of a discussion I had with my organic chemistry teacher recently. I identified a common case of organic properties and stated that the model had one less degree of freedom than was needed to describe the simple process. He stated in class that it would be covered later in the course and it never was. When I asked at the end of the course he simply became upset. It was obvious that the system was wrong, just from so many years of dealing with system design. Sadly, this is what is taught.

In terms of a system, it can be said that it has a certain degree of freedom of action and I can make a model that would produce and measure the same result. So this is what I will consider. What model is consistent with the behavior, what is its origin, how is it induced, how is it measured and how can it be used for communication.

I won't publish my conclusions, however if it leads to a method of communication with or reception of alien information, I would probably indicate that fact after some analysis of the data.

It would have been my next step in analyzing the process to perform additional experiments. Even if they had no results, they would serve to limit what other effects could be involved. ( low temperature, x-ray flux at absorption levels, electrical fields, NMR, density, gas type, magnetic fields, initial mv ...... I am going to look and see if such research was done.

On a separate note, I discovered a very odd steganographic Easter Egg in a piece of software and these types of things do tend to be a way for intelligent people to communicate "below the radar" of others who might use such tools inappropriately. I suppose it is somewhat like alchemy, but it does serve the purpose of keeping the information in the hands of someone with advanced intellectual skills and less likely to use the information to construct some horror. I am always pleasantly surprised to see the marks of great intellect, it gives me some hope that problems will somehow be resolved.

So anyway, back to dealing with Zuul, before Gozer returns, "There is no Dana, there is only Xul."


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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