The many Hells

There are many hells in computer programming and I have visited almost all of them DLL, DNS, UDP, XML, dependency and they all have a common theme. It is a point where the complexity challenges the complexity and coherence of the mind. I suppose that Rubik's cube could be a kind of hell too, if you don't understand how it operates. I can say I have been in that hell too when I was about 18. It was before I understood topology, vectors, sets, and many other things. Now it seems like a game of tic-tac-toe to me , but then it was an irritating taunt from the universe that I was incapable of knowing what others understood.

Physics, particle, wave, probability, mathematic, complexity hell is where I am visiting at the moment and it doesn't seem so hellish today, but XUL can be a real monster. I do wonder if there is anybody who has a complete grasp of what it entails. I suppose that because of its flexibility and extensibility it becomes as complex as those who use it and so I must develop more complex methods to understand it.

I have seen some things on my own computer lately that are disturbing as they seem to be about as predictable as neutron decay. I could just say that it is a probability field at work, but I know it most likely is a symptom of XUL or dependency hell. I could just be complexity hell itself. The combination of complex hardware and complex software seems to be heading to a strange boundary where intermittent oddness is accepted due to the complexity. I doubt anybody is going to propose a solution which is less complex, so it will likely just continue to be worse and serve as a test to see who has the most complex mind. I suppose it could be a kind of measure of who has the greatest skill, when it all turns to magic.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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