One step closer

I am going to call bullshit today. I have enough information to do so now. The thing is electron spin. It is not a real thing and if anybody considers that as an explanation in sequence to some other effect they have failed. There is no doubt that measurable effects take place, to deny that would be insanity. It is the definition and ultimate origin of the effect which I dispute absolutely. As I become more familiar with my own experiments, this becomes clear.

This is a fairly big issue if I were in a Physics department somewhere, they would certainly have me fired for heresy. Since I am not looking for a Nobel prize or even a recognition for achievement, it makes no difference whatsoever to me whether it is accepted or not. If people choose to accept it without the knowledge of why it is so, that seems a bit strange. It is something for me to know and use.

There is an extension of this understanding and it leads me to something that verges on gravity control ( or even negation ) in a new way, but it is just the sense of a possibility and has no real testable basis at this point. It may hold the key to gravity control and that would be a very major effect which certainly would have profound implications. Only time will tell.

The wooden canoes still launch to chart the seven seas of space, and though I would rather they build something more effective, this is what they do as this is what they know. If I were to say that there is a steel boat which would work much better, they would laugh. Oh, Archimedes, you were smart, but why did you not see the wonder of the natural logarithmic spiral.

The math is coming along well and the work with the space game and Python and systems analysis is giving me some ideas. Over the years I have haunted hundreds of university libraries. I enjoy reading even the oddest of theories and some are truly bizarre. I can't help wonder how some of the books ever got published, except for the fact that publishers are likely not physicists. I remember some that make me laugh still to this day as they are certainly the work of a deranged mind. Physics certainly took an odd turn in the early 1900's and finding a way back from that convolution is not an easy task.

I would suspect some grand conspiracy and secrecy theory, but when I look at the power that the real understanding holds, it is not possible for somebody to keep this secret for some earthly purpose, as it is so powerful that it would make those methods obsolete. What need for power over others is greater than the power to control the stars themselves. There is no Illuminati, that is bullshit also.

Many of these things are confusing to even a good mind and I have had chance to discuss these things with many a physicist. It has always been a confusing subject and it has plagued me all my life. Now that I understand it seem so easy, but that is the way it is with things. They seem so elegant, magical and wonderful from afar, and when you approach and they become clear, they become mundane.

Today I am playing with E=IR and networks to experiment with an idea I had about solution in TSP. It bears on ants and ant behavior in a tangential way and I am continuing to modify the space ( becoming ants ) game to integrate 4 different methods as inter-operable code in C, C++, Python, and my own personal brand of AI.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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