Gamma Ray Monster and DNS

This link is to a description of a recent GRB ( Gamma Ray Burst ), and I have been considering them and speculating about what might be their cause. That all the GRBs should be assumed to originate in the same way is naive, I think. I have some opinions about the origins, and I would have to agree that the science is reasonable as explanations go. I really need to study it more and see if I can't classify the categories, but I doubt it will happen very soon. I think that the time frame of these observations is too small to make any generalizations about the overall incidence, direction, common energy, or origins. It is an infant data base in terms of the scale and when sun spots were first viewed, the patterns did not show up until the cycle time had repeated itself several times and that is more than 30 years. If a pattern is to emerge from the data, I would suspect that it would be decades, if not centuries before it would have the force of consistency.

I also am looking at DNS and the history of hosts and that is very revealing information. I also ran into some interesting new Python scripts and I am considering a few days down time if the new debian looks good. I wil start with a test installation on one of the laptops and that is in progress. I think I will stick with KDE 3.x for that and then do a clean debian without all the bells and whistles.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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