Alien game dissected

I am nothing less than compulsive always. So I completely dismantled the Python game, and another OpenGL to pull all the unusual kinks out that I thought were silliness. So the game 20K as I mentioned earlier has a lot of stuff in it and I proceeded to make it look more dimensional, realistic, flexible, fail safe, and a bit more complex.

In the process I ran across a comment that the pipes are like an electrical network and when I looked at the simulation it looks wrong. I was playing the game in a way that I would expect pipes to work , having done a bit of plumbing beside IC design. It seems wrong.

It just seems that it is a weak simulation of circuits as it does not involve the naperian log or seem to follow scientifically in the game. I know that is a picky thing, but I am changing it now to reflect actual fluid flow and incorporating circuit analysis. Here is a reference to Wiki and electrical circuit laws. I am doing this while I try to resolve an issue of the structure of the nucleus of the atom. Bernoulli is cool too and I will probably revisit that also.

I am within striking range of having the math to predict nuclear decay and properties of unknown compounds. I should be able to model molecules with such a precision that I can generate new catalysts without experimentation. So I will do the necessary math and programming so that the game is a circuit simulator and fluid simulator while I continue to extend my understanding of the nuclear forces and how they are characterized.

I is no different than anything I learn, it requires time for it to become completely integrated in thought so that I can use it and be sure of consequences. I am circling the airport and will likely land or crash, whichever comes first.In the back of my mind is the layout of an ant simulation game in Python OpenGL and I have already plotted out the parts in Python and I may end up doing that also, if I don't get the resolution I need before that time.

ADDED: Modified to use V' = V * ( 1 - 1/(pow((math.e), t)) and I feel much better and it acts like a real circuit now. It still has issues and the network analysis and emulation is just wrong, so I will fix that next. I changed the graphs so that they all show at once nicely and the header shows which graph is selected ad moves it to the top. The steam vents actually look like little volcanoes now and I am thinking about changing the menus for drop down configuration. I may leave that for the Qt or OpenGL version though.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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