Miro 2.0.1 source code

I just downloaded the source code for Miro 2.0.1 and I see it has C++, "C", Python, and uses GTK and X11. It also incorporates Torrents and so that will be interesting to understand. It has some odd things it is doing on my machines today and so I am kicking its ass right out of my machine unless I can mod the source and recompile to remove this bullshit behavior. I am not sure if it is a flaw, or somebody playing with the feeds, but I am going to fix it. I have been doing direct gets and have my own browser now, so I may just go full crazy on this and incorporate it in my own software in a clean way. I really only want lists of what is available and lists of what I want to get and what I want to watch. I also want to have a list of what I hate and have that removed before I even look at any set of information. So mainly I just want a set of lists without all the frills. It also seems their handling is a bit jicky.

It is a WIP and so perhaps they are getting somewhere with it and 2.x will be more flexible and clean.

I am so pissed off with everybody throwing javascript at me and flash and every other manner of bullshit, I may design something from the TCP level with UDP that actually communicates video as blends.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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