The liquid terminator in the flesh

This deserves a link to wikipedia about a particular organism that is so bizarre that it can withstand vacuum, radiation 500 times more than would kill a person, and many other destructive forces. It is a surviver without compare, that ranks right up there with ants in versatility. It can live and restore itself, even if its DNA is shredded! I will study this a bit and see what I might gain in understanding from this unusual talent.

It is suggested that it could have come from an extra-terrestrial origin and that it may have already extended its reach to planets in this solar system.


Wei-Yee Chan said...

Simply amazing! I didn't know such a thing existed!

Paul Mohr said...

I was also surprised, though I know of ants that can live in radioactive waste without being killed and other organisms that can be cut in pieces and regrow a new brain as well as tail ( planaria ). That was the first time I had seen an organism that could withstand such damage to the DNA itself. I was studying some methods of DNA repair and it seems that it is part of the way it operates that it is constantly repairing itself, which seems odd. It is certainly a strange and complex world we live in. Tardigrades are another strange creature also.

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Automated Intelligence
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