Is it live or is it spammous lexicus

I always consider everything and as a result I often investigate some odd things that have no real meaning in finding answers. It is the process that I enjoy and as part of researching a comment to determine if it is just some marketing ploy I am looking at a new blog. I don't reject anything out of hand, however I am forming an opinion. I would like to let everyone express their opinion about anything I say. I do reject the use of my blog as a method to sell a product. It is my experience that a person who has the knowledge of how to manipulate matter and control energy needs no economic means of support. The knowledge and ability to transform matter is a solution in itself, it does not requires little green pieces of paper to operate.

Sometimes the problem is one of semantics and a person can have a different view of the universe, considering that a camera can have an infinite degree of position in its observation of a scene. When I specify a camera in blender, I must specify [x,y,z], [2 angles], FOV and many other parameters. Since a persons view of the universe is even more complex it is sometimes difficult to determine if something is crap or gold when viewed through fog, distance and diffraction. I guess what I am saying is that I read the comment and if you want to discuss some specific topic it is all fun to me. If however you say you are selling a book which I am not allowed to view that explains how to program C++ and it refutes my understanding, how am I to judge that fact? Or more to the point, if you are selling a book called "Quantum Entanglement for Dummies" or "Misdirection for selling shoes with spam tactics".

On a separate note I have discovered a very disturbing thing about certain biological organisms and it seems to be one of those situations where people simply do what they do and even though it is chaos, many things we ( including me ) don't understand are actually a part of our daily lives. It is accepted that we have not even the slightest clue as to the overall process of biological symbiosis in our own bodies. This does not stop me from having a salad or drinking a cola, however, as natural and normal as many things have become, it does not prove anything about the consequence of the actions. It truly is chaos on a grand scale, and it is just our nature that protects us from our own stupidity. I think that people often survive in spite of their fractured and clumsy efforts to deal with chaos, that often do more harm than good.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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