LHC revisited

This article at Daily Galaxy was interesting and I would normally agree that fear mongers, nut cases, and opportunists would come out of the woodwork to take a shot at the LHC. To gain publicity, do what nut cases do, as a target for the phobic, and there are others that fear science because they do not understand it. The problem with the article is that it takes a position that implies that if a nut job thinks your are wrong then you must be right.

I have said for over a year that I saw no problems with LHC and I thought it was hype that they could make a "black hole" that would eat the world. That isn't my problem with LHC now. As I said earlier I was not completely sure, because it isn't my job. Now I know it is dangerous because I looked into it. I have made many jokes about te LHC and night janitors accelerating ketchup packages to the speed of light to make tomato soup and the like. I always listen to everybody, even those I think are insane. I consider it, catalog it, put it away and if it has meaning it gets recalled. A janitor can see a leak in a liquid hydrogen/oxygen/helium tank and tell somebody and if they say "You are not a Physicist and so you can't be correct as we have hired people who tell us the o-rings are good to go. They are stable to 0°C and so you will be fired if you keep staring at the hardware and not sweeping the floor. The janitor wanders off and thinks a minute and then realizes it is 10°F outside and so they are probably right.

I still do not consider it possible that they will reverse time [sic] make a black hole or, for that matter, solve the problem they are interested in addressing. They will however do something dangerous that they have completely ignored, because they can't look there because they are only trained to be Physicists.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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