Energy conversion

This article at advanced nano is very strange because the device is very similar to something I designed in 8 years ago. Now I understand they are using the "casimir force" or "hydrinos" for another similar thing and I rejected the mumbo jumbo as being just that. At first I did not make the connection, because of the "hydrino" thing, which completely put me off.

There is an effect that I realized would exist years ago and it would generate electricity continuously. If I am correct they will get a big surprise when they find out that the process can be done any number of ways, however I never considered it to be a solution that was patentable. My opinion is that is driven in the same way that I tested it in 2000 and it does not derive from the explanations offered. I have my schematics and diagrams and a complete description of how the process works and I intend to look a little closer at this and see if they are proposing the same effect. I am beginning to remember and off the top of my head, without referring to my notes, I would say that it is very similar, though structured in an odd way considering that it could be more effective in another configuration.

I usually don't consider these things to be above the threshold to consider when money and investment is involved as it seems to get the cart before the horse and sometimes the horse won't run that way. If somebody had a working device ( which could be manufactured easily from my perspective), there would be no issue of investment or speculation as it would simply be an equation of x$ in and y$ out.

I have read through the article completely now and I must say that I do not understand how they are allowed to have a patent without a physical device? I have patents and it required me to produce a device, which did what I proposed in the patent. Is the patent office that easy to use now? I don't think that it works in the way they describe, however I have done it and it responds well to numerous different configurations. Energy does not come from nowhere, there is a price to pay. I think they may have discovered an "effect" and they postulate wrongly on the cause.

I am quite sure this is exactly what I think it is and how they have arrived at it in this way is remarkable. This is another case where I see it as a far more convoluted explanation than is needed. I personally have no dog in that race, I think that the green energy thing has passed its usefulness and continues only as a fad. To have a great effect on the universe and to create great change requires a great energy. Heat death is not my idea of progress.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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