Go Go Gadget, genetic screwdriver

I see that it is possible to have regenerative immortality through a mitochondrial OS and it is possible to create spaces that are larger on the inside than out with dimensional transform of the higher dimensions and also it is possible to incorporate the knowledge of the "Time Lords" within the genetic structure and even a genetic link to the mechanism of the space transform enclosure and it is even possible to establish the concept of "temporal grace". In order to duplicate the effect of "Dr Who" in physicality, it would require one more thing, which is temporal transform and though I consider time as a dimension to be a ridiculous concept and vastly impossible ( if such an adjective should be used with impossible ) , you never know what will happen when "Rassilon Imprimatur" and the "Eye of Harmony" is involved. This is a far as I can go, just RDIS, TARDIS will probably never be made by me.

What would also be possible is the ability to generate DNA that would build a device from thought and that would be handy, however. Dibs on being the first "Student in Premed Who" or "Geneticist Who" or even "Motey Who", of course it doesn't seem to have the real zing that the Dr title affords, though I quite like the name "Motey Who" and I may adopt that as my new net identity.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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