Genetic morality, intelligence and language

It would seem that while others worry about the ethics and process of controlling others to establish their version of ethos, pathos, logos, there is a process flowing to something so unusual that it defies discussion. I am wondering if the incorporation of ethics and language and knowledge in the very genetic nature of an organism does not lead to the dominant mode of the ant as humans. The conflict that exists over who will breed the future rages in gun battles across the world and while it storms, a little creature emerges from the bushes and the dinosaurs fail to recognize their fall from Darwin's grace to the position of scraps under the dinner table.

The storms of singularity rage and the reflection in the eye of infinity, as we approach, reveals that which is in the shadows, the thing that will weather the maelstrom.

ADDED: I think it is true that it is possible to have an organism that is genetically organized in such a way that it is born with all the knowledge available, has a common ethos, and is the epitome ( ideal example ) of physical genetic stability and strength. The acceptance of genetic selection to reduce the risk of disease and promote longevity will certainly move toward one of these goals. It seems that the others are but a heartbeat away and how will anyone alive today compete in such a world?

If the result is a person who responds exactly like every other person of that class to a moral decision, ( and has the skills of all science at its disposal at birth ) the result is a unified action without any control by force or decree. It is the ultimate evolution of the ant and though the evolution continues in its suitability to specific environs on a physical level, the principle of common ethos, pathos, and logos is maintained. On the surface, the society of ants, may seem to be like a warlike society similar to humans, but it embodies a constant that exists above the physicality of the form. In some ways, it exists as an epigenetic continuance that flows above the physical implementation of form.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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