Ghost of the ghost of the internet

Good ghosts = Faddeev-Popov ghosts
Bad ghosts = Pauli-Villars ghosts

The study of the history of mathematics and probability is very rewarding and there are some valid concepts that I have failed to devise independently. It is ( my opinion only ) that perhaps the amount of disagreement that fills the world is derived from a failure to differentiate emotion and reason. There is no prerequisite that a person function rationally and in some cases it is favorable in a survival sense. Randomness can be a defense against chaos.

The ghosts of negative probability are an interesting concept and though it seems absurd in general, it most likely reflects something that is incompletely recognized or defined. Here I get to use my LaTex talents again and it is an advantage as it gives me pause to absorb the ideas in context and provides clues to identify the symbols as they exist in context.

This is leading me where I want to go and gauge, tensors, manifolds, sheaf ... I have a new appreciation of the Bayesian and it certainly has some validity, however it is like many things, if applied in the wrong place it leads to unexpected consequence. This happens all too often in programming and it is symptomatic of the fact that the whole of it becomes more and more complex.

Almost everybody wishes for faster and faster machines with more memory and threads and features and when they become realized, the real problem ensues, who will understand what it is saying or doing?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen