That "Argument Induction" (AI) is not new

I have been wandering around in the origins of logical thought and it seems that there is where the basic disagreement starts. It would seem that a consistent universe would breed a consistent method of logic and disagreement would only be in the observation and not the consequence.

As a programmer I am involved in implementing concepts in practice and the universe does follow certain rules. The abstract analysis and terms that are associated with the conclusions that I have made are no different from what others have said in the past. I never wanted to be distracted by what others said on a specific subject as it was much easier to just solve the issue myself and in the process develop talent and method for solving problems.

So I am studying the history of mathematics and many of the things I assumed must be true have been argued and continue to be argued. The strangest is Bayesian and I hope to have a conclusion that can be stated simply, why I reject that method.

So I am starting with syllogism and hopefully will end with sheaf theory and its relationship to n-space. It is the terminology that eludes me as the language is so messy for describing such complex issues and if you include specialized symbols, it becomes like learning a new programming language where each line must end with ; or even ;; or indents are meaningful or VOID is real, or # makes a line ignored or """ has the same effect in another language context or #! with shell script. The only way for me to abstract and apply is to learn the specialized language in these areas and I do think I have applied the words properly here. I seek to abstract from the specific to generalize and then associate and apply to a new context.

I also need to be able to express that new understanding. I have a method which could be the second ∫ or integral of probability and I need a way to express and use that. I understand some rather strange relationships between logic and perspective and I know they are true as they can be applied, however it is always difficult to express them in terms that exist as a completely different area of study such as theoretical mathematics.

I have need of a mathematical technique to describe the nature of matter in the universe and I am certain that it is consistent and predictive, however the math which would be applied is definitely more in the area of the abstract. Having the knowledge of the relationships is not enough, a person needs to be able to apply them. Learning LaTex was a step toward that and it is included in my threads that need to complete to implement antfarmgl. The progress is much quicker now and threads are being completed and my mental resources are being more and more focused on the final goal , which is complete manufacturing from the atomic level.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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