Confirmation of limitations

Since I am doing so much Python lately, I decided to see if I could get symbols for Python in Kate editor. It was available and I enabled it. Then I went to the side tab for symbols like I do with my C++ and no symbols. I tried several files and it showed no symbols. I googled for other people complaining about it and no hits. I decided it didn't work. It was stored and if I have time I would look into why it didn't work, but I spaced it off.

While I was editing a little while ago I say a new tab on the menu bar that said "Python" and I did not remember that so I clicked on it and it said "Update Python Browser". So, I tried it and voilà, there were symbols! I feel stupid, but I like to confirm that fact at least a few times a week so I don't forget my limitations.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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