Fermi Fermi Pico Pico

The game is a great recreational logic skill builder. With respect to solutions to the Fermi paradox ( lack of aliens, given the immensity of the universe ). Those who should know it, already do.

The dark all seeing eye of the flower of creation weeps tears of possible life, that they may become the darkness that sees all light. A sadness, like loneliness, that only 10 billion years can cure.

UPDATE: After doing some search, it seems that this is a name that only exists in my family (Fermi Fermi Pico Pico) and we played this game in the 1950's before it was introduced as a regulated game called "Mastermind" in 1970. This from wiki seems to imply the game is very old and how they are allowed to control the use of the game when it existed before it was "invented" is certainly a corruption of the patent and trademark system. We also played a game that allowed 1 or 2 marbles to be placed and the winner was the one who placed the last marble. We also played topological games. All of these have algorithms and in the process of play, we devised solutions for each. I seem to remember a 5 step algorithm for FFPP with 5 slots.

More added: It seems the game was called "moo" when written on UNIX. As part of that little adventure I ran into an "Easter Egg" in Chinese. Try this : "sudo apt-get moo". It is interesting what people will do with their time.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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