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It would seem that what we measure directly is not the whole of the universe. The things that indirectly affect the outcome of some processes are not measured directly, but affect matter in an indirect way and as such they tend to be mystified in their behavior because they are not apparent.

It would seem to me that the way in which the universe is observed leaves a large area of it completely undiscovered or even un-recognized. The indirect effects of those things that exist outside of our sensory apparatus are not necessarily out of the realm of being observed in an indirect sense.

I am not talking about ghosts or dæmons, but perhaps I am describing what is attributed to "extra dimensions". If this is what the LHC is attempting, they are going about it the wrong way. The tools to measure this effect are already available and it is in the interpretation that it becomes more clear.

There is absolutely no question in my mind as to the existence of things that are not measurable in the usual way. In fact it seems that it is just not just one space outside, it is many and it is just our being and the way in which perceive that is suited to observing only a tiny fraction of the matter of which we are composed. It is not a given that we would be born with the sight to observe the whole of the universe. Some organisms are born without sight or hearing. It is an advantage biologically to sense that which is involved in the process of our surviving and it is not possible to be selected to use a sense that has no counterpart in the process of being.

We cannot see x-rays or infrared and we have developed means to emulate sight and means to measure many things. It first requires a knowledge that there is something there, before it can be approached.

It is a type of arrogance that I have always shared that implies that we should be capable of naturally understanding and perceiving all things. I don't know at what point it became common to imply that people are gods of a sort and as such have a given position in the universe that they need not compete. The very foundation of this nation is an implication that we are born of some holy state that infers rights and obligations to an unseen power that leads us to the path of dominance.

When viewed from that perspective it seems almost comical in its adoption. I know that it is a slap in the face for those who feel that they are descendants of god and it would be a step down to have to realize that perhaps there is no super daddy that guides our way, and that we must find the answers for ourselves.

In a strange way, it seems that the black holes that fuel the galaxies are gateways to the other spaces. It is the only place where these things would meet and interact. It seems it would wander about in all the dimensions, and would interact with those dimensions in ways that would not be observed directly. It is possible to measure and portray the "image" of the dark stars from our point of view, however that is but a fraction of what it "sees".

I don't see them as literal gateways in the sense of a "stargate" or such concept, but they do touch these dimensions. It certainly would strip a person to nothingness in such a way that no other place could compare.

Now that I am beginning to understand this more, it is reminiscent of things that have been assumed in the past. Why is it that there must be a standard and complete explanation for things. Malaria is caused by bad air as an example. The very acceptance that science is complete, ever, interferes with the process of new discovery as it is assumed that it need not be questioned as it is already answered.

Nuclear decay is one of those areas where the things we cannot measure, can become a part of its action. Due to the complex and unpredictable nature of the Proton it is assumed that some probability function is the answer. It is a type of measure that is possible with any process and serves to answer nothing about its nature.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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