Windows 7 flops with users

The Neo Nazi Youth Group of America is going to completely abandon Windows for Linux. They say that is due to reports at XKCD that Windows VII is less Hitler-y than Vista. A spokesman for the group states, "Less Hitler is an abomination and we will not stand for it, a company that has prided itself on world domination and an association with eugenics will not get our support with tactics like this." There are rumors that they will form the HDE group ( Hitler Desktop Environment ) and release their own version of Debian Linux called "Hubuntu".

Others are not as negative about the release. Virus and worm programmers have stated that the machines can be pawned more easily and the inclusion of new easy to install exploits will make it a perfect receptacle for their goals. In a related note, the companies that supply resources for the virus programmers and sell anti-virus products also feel this is a step forward to a more economically stable position for their companies.

Still others like the digital eugenics foundation or RIAA ( Raping Individuals to Advance Artists ) consider it a great step forward as it has proposed that there will be a hook for GRM ( genetics rights management ) designed right into the system. It would feature the three suspicions and your dead algorithm.

DISCLAIMER: I don't use Windows at all. I think the whole concept of the product is flawed and not worth any purchase price, so I will not form an opinion until it is free and somebody pays me for the time to test it.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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