Blender partial image

The eye that sees many things. This is a projection in 2 Space of something represented in blender 3 Space as a projection of something in 4 Space.

This is a step in the process of creating an eye that sees in many dimensions and it is part of the CAD (Computer Aided Design) which represents the product of the genetic engineering and physics that would be needed to assemble an eye that sees in all dimensions. This is just the first steps and I wanted to show the stages of the development and describe some of the features.

This is also intended to be the illustration for a longer science fiction or science extrapolation example that would better explain in human terms what might be involved in the changes that are likely to proceed from the continuing advance of technology and understanding.

It is my impression that the lack of immediate indication of alien life could be due to the fact of a simple misunderstanding , that the idea that things are far away is a relative impression and if it is true that dimensions and matter merge in the entire universe, then it may simply be the fact that we do not recognize that being here and being there is in fact the same thing. It could be that once it is all understood, we will find that we merely need to open the door to that which is already nearby in the dimensional sense. In terms of a concept in science the idea that a space bridge might exist that could be traveled has been used in movies quite a bit "Sliders", "Stargate", "Warp Drive" and numerous other artistic impressions.

I intend to incorporate my impressions of what I think the physics of multi-dimensional space would mean to a person. As with any speculation without confirmed fact, it is just that, an educated guess. It is with an understanding of the science that I consider it, however. I have done calculations for orbital conditions and I see that a solar energy platform which is in Earth synchronous orbit around the Sun would be the best way to start utilizing the vast untapped energy of the Sun and just as geosynchronous satellites were merely a possibility years ago, I am sure this will be done eventually. If nothing better comes up in the mean time.

And many thanks to all the blender heads that provide such useful free tutorials on how to use blender, gimp, python and all of the wonderful free software. I have discovered "Miro" today and I built it from source and then used it a while and it is awesome! I can watch my tutorials, science shows, feeds from NASA, old TV shows, news and many other multimedia presentations as easy as using "Liferea" and the best thing is it is better than can be bought and it is FREE!


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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