Barti Ddu

Yo ho ho. Sometimes it is not the vicious cruelty and greed that drives a man to piracy, but outrageous fortune, circumstance and opportunity. Blaidd Drwg may come to save the day, but the wolf has no mercy. Like a name written throughout history it echoes in the rafters and sings a song that speaks of freedom with the lyrics of a scoundrel.

The ships of the Gravity Gilde may be strange in shape and sail the dimensions, but death is the reward we all receive and better to face it with dignity at a time of our own choosing than to cower in fear of its inevitable bite.The ships now bear the colors of Jolie Rouge. There is a time for knowing, and a time for doing. Not all consequence can be considered. It is difficult to say what is the ultimate right, but the inability to maintain that right is just as final as its lack of value.

It is as much a pirate's act to take from the few who have skill beyond the many by virtue of position. Perhaps it is merely perspective of scale and who is to say with final judgment whether it is the right of numbers that is trump to the right of the few. I have no answer there, and maybe I never will. Once the pirate has plotted his course upon the high dimensions, home as a word, is lost forever. If the home port had some charm that would keep the adventurer then that war would rage for the value, but as I see it, the only real chance of something better is beyond the clouds. I long to be free of the chains of gravity and slow decay, perhaps even once to see the light of another star loom close.

The discovery of new things can be a dangerous course and perhaps it is only "Crazy Eddie" that will ever see the future and who is to say which is the right if all have failed in their own way, whether it is spectacular failure or mundane.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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