Forever the same and always new

A mini science fiction of near and far futures.

The scene is a planet anywhere in the universe.

Transport agent: "We need you to go to a planet and solve the method sequence of the universe from scratch again."
Scientist:"I am being spread pretty thin and somebody is going to complain about genetic equity one of these days."
Transport agent:"There have been no complaints yet and you say this every time. You know we can't send the data as they won't understand it and we can't risk an intercept and so without doing a physical this is the only option. You are the one they always request as you have an 80% completion rate and that beats the nearest by a narrow margin, but that is all it takes to be the only one requested."
Scientist: "Oh, go ahead and send my genetic code, you would do it with or without my permission and the chance of me doing a physical appearance is nil. I dread the day I have to go on a physical visit and somebody has cloned a whole planet of me and is selling them like dinner mints."
Transport agent: "You are the only one who ever got a permanent patent on your own genetic code from the Gravity Gilde and I am sure the Gilde would send everyone involved in such a thing on a play date with the Werecats."


jordaenne said...

Well hi there Paul, you mad scientist you.

I find this is cute-to get a patent on your genetic code from the Gravity Gilde.I hope this is ok for me to feel this way.I think cuteness can fit into science fiction.Like the story I am not working on about a cute furry kitten named Ursula 52.(maybe subconsciously I was thinking that she was the 52nd clone of Ursula.I just don't know you know.

Thanks for your visit to my journal. Really you feel that way about the french language. I love to hear this info from anglophones because I feel a lot that way because french was my first language so I assume that I feel that way because I am french but o anglophones feel that way too.

But other factors can override this
if I feel an overwhelming need to express myself well I reach for the english language because I have more linguistic possibilities there.

Will be back soon.
Have a beautiful day filled with love and light.

Paul Mohr said...

I am glad you enjoy some of the rambling thoughts and I do enjoy reading your journal and the images. I don't always comment but Ursula52 sounds very interesting and that is one of the many things I wonder about, the time when it becomes possible or even common to have twins born apart. I have known some twins and the ability to know what the other is thinking is obvious in their actions. I hope to become more familiar with the French language in time and it helps to read something interesting like your journal.

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Automated Intelligence
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