Defeating Gozer

I have trained my anti-particle streams of wit upon the power of Xul and I have achieved some victory. I have made some Xul and put it out on my website to test and learned many things by purposely making mistakes. That is something that seems to work for me and perhaps is not what others like to do. I often take a key element and modify it in some way to see what limits it has and where it might fail. One interesting thing I found in using Firefox to test some XUL-XML is that I can created two files with extension .xul and .xull and the first will work and the second will not, even when they contain the exact same XML(XUL) text. It fails by saying that the javascript functions are not found when accessed. ( Firebug is a great helper there! ) This implies that the document tree has a limit on how it represents structure.

The knowledge of HTML, CSS, javascript, XML, and perhaps some other subjects is a must to understand the whole concept. It seems very straight forward and usable once all the facts and methods are known. It is really very useful once a person gets the hang of it and a lot can be done with very little code. It claims to be cross platform compatible and this I must assume without testing.

I can now take this knowledge and use it to understand how others have applied the techniques in their applications. It allows me a new way to look at the source and see if something odd has been incorporated in a particular program, website, or utility. It is a powerful interface and there is likely to be some abuse or weak methods employed.

I have managed to reduce the number of things that must encompassed to implement antfarmgl properly. It may still take some time for it all to be integrated in thought, but I am fairly certain that I can appreciate the relationships that exist between the many options. It is definitely a good new tool to apply. I think it is not an easy profession to become a Xul-buster and as much fun as it might seem to train your particle beams on every shadow that lurks in the internet, it is a skill like many and requires some substantial effort to know when to cross the streams and when to run.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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