Highly spacious argument

It has been a rough night as n-space is a cruel friend. In any case, the rotational vector of gravitational magnetism is opposite in direction of electrical magnetism. Since there is no word for the concept it should probably have a catchy name like gravetic or grabetic like the graboids from the science fiction movie Tremors.

I am sick of n-space and I am doing blender only for a couple days as it really eats my head to deal with the relationships of high space. I have no problem with 3 or four dimensions, but when I start thinking in 5 it heats my brain up like my GPU when I get blending. I did some work with fluids and games and joystick. I know I can set up some models as games so that I can change parameters on the fly to adjust certain Fx functions and their complex interactions. If my brain ever cools down I may make a 5-space simulation in 4-space with some Python scripts, just to ease the load on my head when I have to deal with it. I also may do a direct to video record test with my DVI interface tonight.

I should say there is some validity to quantum uncertainty or as I call it for my own purposes quantum indifference. The wave mechanics is much closer to what happens in the universe, however they miss some of the facts by failing to be inclusive and trying to relate everything to a single perspective. In any case, n-space is truly a mind fscker.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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