Odd consequences of the alien RIAA

I was thinking about living on Mars or the moon and it struck me that people are beaming TV and radio into space and then using that as a measure of intelligent life. The odd thought I had was that I could copy songs I got off the radio waves without RIAA taking me to court. I know, my mind is a twisted wreck of randomness. So then I started thinking about aliens in Alpha-Centauri receiving signals from Earth with Beatles songs and saying they were great and copying them and distributing them to all of the galaxy. I started laughing because it seemed so absurd to send all that music in space without a copyright lawyer there to put them in jail for receiving it and copying it. I imagine that if we received a signal from another civilization, we would copy it and broadcast it on TV, and immediately ships full of alien lawyers would arrive to prosecute us for illegal information sharing of their signal.

This is the kind of thing that goes through my mind all the time and I should write a blog about it. Oh right, never mind.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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