Strange new connections

I was thinking about some space technology and at the same time wondering about all the things that interest me today and I made a connection. I have a way to make a suit that would allow me to accelerate at 100 Gs in a craft. It isn't an if, it is absolutely true and possible. Some things have if factors associated in implementation, however this is "double possible_fail 0.0;". It means I could potentially operate a jet or other space craft and make 100 G turns or 100 G roll-outs without any effect whatsoever. So if I know it is possible, then aliens can do it. I use the term alien loosely here as an arbitrary advanced species of space creatures, still unknown to us. I have flown ( as a pilot ) before and I enjoy it a lot.

This will be one of my little secrets I keep until all science is open and free. I guess I would trade the information for 10 fully constructed jump drive space ships equipped well enough to travel to αCentauri , but other than that, it is my little secret. I suppose somebody could do duplicate invention on it in the near future, however that would make all the current missiles and aircraft immediately obsolete and ineffective.

I invented an acceleration drive a long time ago that could do 100 Gs in the atmosphere quite easily and so it is one more piece for me toward an effective interplanetary drive. Previously my biggest worry was being shot down as I left or being killed by the acceleration necessary to leave the planet. I think that is very much impossible now as it would likely require a fusion injected x-ray laser and some fore knowledge of where to aim it and a mind set that would not dismiss it as bad or impossible signal on radar. I will have to investigate whether radar can even track an object doing 100G turns and acceleration. Certainly it would be an if as to whether they could or would attack, given past events with suspected UFOs. I suppose if they know it is possible they will get real jumpy and start shooting at everything to prevent somebody from being free or getting the upper hand in space. I can't see that the type of social control possible on Earth could ever be maintained in space. The cost issue would be prohibitive, like the English trying to control the Americas across the Atlantic, but millions of time worse.

This is probably my sweetest invention ever! I really like this one, it is way cool.

ADDED: I could go out to sea and take off in the eye of a hurricane and none would be the wiser.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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