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With respect to the part of the genome that contains "junk". I revisited the subject today while reading some new research on plants and stem cells. I am fairly certain that I know that answer now. I understand why it is not "literally" conserved and even when modified it still contains the information. It is inherently non-lethal and thus would not be conserved if removed, though you might get something very odd in the process that is viable, but would perhaps not resemble normal life.

Some things I discover are easier to duplicate and I am guessing that with all the research and good minds working in this area that a proof of this is already forthcoming and will be published in detail within a few months. That is just my estimate. I have been able to predict the delay to duplicate invention fairly regularly and have quit even linking to my original predictions. It does have a purpose and when it is known it won't be an earth shaker, but it is very informative as far as how things evolve and I have no way of interpreting if the new information about epigenetic RNA has a role in how this is expressed, but I would guess not.

It is a broad area as it covers 90% of the genome and I am guessing there is plenty of work to be done to extend the concept in at least a dozen areas that will have very interesting results when the specifics are known. There is one part of this that I would like to get at and when they have isolated that area, I will look deeply into that with the tools I have.

This solves a nagging question that I had about instinct and I am sure this plays a significant part in the diversity of that.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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