New type of space travel

I have been considering this a bit and it seems to have merit. I know there are ways to neutralize inertia in systems and in some ways a gyroscope does that in a bizarre way. However, the actual implementation of what I speculate about is much different than I had previously imagined. The study of gyroscopes and uniform circular motion has given me a little more understanding. It would seem, ( and this is purely pie in the sky thinking ) that it would be possible to enter this alternate space and leave the confines of gravity and then re-enter what we consider normal space at that point without fighting the gravity to leave the planet. It certainly is consistent with other things I have discovered and though it would require the same overall energy to be exerted that corresponds to the escape velocity, it would be done without traverse through the atmosphere, momentum propulsion, guidance, and all of the complications which arise form balancing re-entry velocity to friction.

On the surface it seems that it could be done, and though it is hardly FTL drive, it could be a step in the right direction. An odd thought I had is that it might require a mass to reenter normal space and as such it would not allow you to move from a planet to open space without some type of "receiver" present at the destination. I also think it might be possible to make the process almost energy neutral if it were between two equal potential gravitational states.

The ability to enter this altered space is definitely possible, what exists there would have to be recorded in some way and analyzed. There is no way for me to predict what is there and how things might act, however I am very certain that the state exists. As certain as Galileo was without traveling to a planet, I am certain that this separate space does actually exist.

While copying the comment to my personal archive I happened to select the entire thing and with the left mouse button held was able to move it over the top of the other text and it did a really bizarre stretch into infinity effect that has to be seen to be appreciated. Be warned it seems to mess up the visibility of the cursor when it is done, but it is a neat FX. I had to select another program and come back here to get my cursor back. It seems to reduce the font by 20% or so and as such it overlays in a kind of perspective.Weird.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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