What happens when the robots attack

What happens when the robots attack and it does nothing to the target? Will they continue to fire until they run out of ammunition, or charge for the lasers? I would suspect that a single purposed device that simply delivers some form of momentum would, by its very nature, simply cycle through its known protocol and repeat it as this is all it could do until it failed. Even if it were humanly super intelligent, the universe is not easy to deal with, it is chaos. Not all possible things can be dealt with by a single device. They cannot become gods, just because it works as a premise in the Terminator movies.

ADDED: That made think of a Dr Who episode I saw recently. The people keep shooting at the Daleks when it has no effect. What exactly are they doing? Is it like the Iraqi thing, that they throw shoes as an insult? Why do they continue to execute a method that serves no purpose? It seems as if the idea of the weapon is not a device, but a form of social insult. In the show, I am sure it is just something that people like to hear, like firecrackers. I personally, would catch on fairly quickly that my method was ineffective. I guess there are people who kick vending machines too, to show them who is boss.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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