Energy is relative

The energy of an object is also relative and an odd consequence of what I discovered is that it is not only a protection, but potentially a collector. A 100 megaton bomb would create vast devastation to something that responds to momentum, but an object that does not respond can adjust its response to absorb the energy. If you consider that it is possible to collect energy from a source, it is like a gift of 10 billion dollars worth of energy. In an engine the kinetic energy is transformed to work, in a nuclear reactor the energy is transformed to work.

It seem that this would be the perfect method for a society without war. The more energy that is applied the stronger it gets. Each bullet, bomb, kick, or any form of relative energy would simply be a gift of energy to be used for some purpose. It is the differential energy that is the cause of disruption and if that is balanced, then the result is that every attempt to destroy helps the person they are trying to destroy.

The amount of work and process that goes into creating bombs, rockets, jets, lasers, nuclear weapons and other momentum devices is probably 90% of all human activity. It is waste energy in terms of survival and compared to recycling a few pop cans, the conversion of all destructive devices to a usable form would be an astronomical gain to an individual.

A black hole is not destroyed by the random energy it collects, and as such it does exactly the same thing on a much larger scale. The structure eats entire stars and planets.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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