Out of the rabbit hole

It seems I have been suffering from the n-Space blues for quite some time. It is a real phenomenon and I experience it every time I deal with n-dimensional space. The problem is that when I consider these things, they cannot resolve in my brain in the same way that 3D+state becomes coherent. As a result, it begins to tangle my thoughts to the point that it is personally unpleasant. I know from past experience that I can "look" there, but I should not spend a great deal of time following things and if I do not back away from it soon enough it might actually, literally, kill me. It may seem strange that I would think such a thing, but it comes from experience. I have done this several times over the years and I most often come back with something like the "anti-black-hole". It gives me a new perspective on common things that allows me to understand things in perspective.

It is mentally disruptive and my guess is that the neurons in my brain attempt to adjust to understanding something with nD properties and it fails and I develop a little intellectual black hole of my own as it collapses. It is a risk that I accept and I have once followed that thread too far down the rabbit hole and I know the consequence of that. There are many things that I know are in n-Space from analysis of it, however coming back with one of them alive is not necessarily a given. This is how I perceive that particular scientific endeavor and the "game of sines" and triangles is my way of returning to normal dimensions. I have many notebooks that have the same content as this blog.

My measure of whether it is insanity or simply strangeness is the implementation of what I learn and when it is applied, I know that it is in some strange way a valid investigative technique. Odd to be sure, but is it more odd than basketball players with "lucky socks"?

My personal joke is the "werecats" and that is how I describe the negative effects of thinking in higher dimensions than the mind can accommodate,long term. It is one way I find inspiration for new ideas and I will certainly stay well clear of it until I have integrated the new knowledge of the device I discovered.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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