USB based content addressable memory

I am going to describe the process of making a USB plug to CAM device and how it is used in great detail as I do the design. It is a bit of a side show to educate people to the advantages of CAM so it will be something I interleave with all the other shit.

In games and graphics. Part1: If I have a 3 dimensional space array in a CAM, it writes any new elements in a random slot. They contain the field data of its attributes. In this case it would be x,y,z as three fields and it would have whatever information is needed associated. It does not need to be sorted to be searched. I would present "x" and don't care in all other fields. I would then trigger the device. Each "cell" compares its internal data to the presented data and triggers if it is a match. The cells cascade and a clocking signal is generated to count the matches and also store its own match count number for sequential recall. A cell can be arranged as a boundary cell. This means that it compares twice, once with a lower limit and once with an upper limit to determine if it is in a set.

In practice this can be used to select ( x1,x2 y1,y2 ) as an area and then perform an action on that data set {write set}. If I were looking for some data in an MMORPG, it would not matter when the players connect or disconnect as there is no data handling involved in organizing the changed array. If I were to search for all frogs in {x,y,z} it would require no index to access the data and thus requires no great sophisticated data handling algorithm implemented in software. It immediately functions like an SQL data base the moment data is in the array.

I will provide the technical steps and device interface to use and test the USB interface with Linux first. I will eventually have a public GUI interface for it, but that will probably be last.

There are several ways to arrange the CAMs and so I will make several types to see which work better for a specific application.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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