Learned something new about people-dog legs

Part of my random investigation of everything. I was wondering when the knees of primates changed to being forward from back facing like a dog. I had a big surprise there in comparative anatomy. It is the metatarsal ( part of the foot ) that is the dog's "dog" leg. How bizarre. All animals have a front bending knee that originated 100s of millions of years ago. The length and proportions are different for different parts of the overall design, however. I should have figured that out from the overall flow of genetic difference. Good thing to know and apparently DaVinci did some comparative anatomy of dogs and humans too. How strange that what appears to be a knee, is the ankle in a dog. Other animals also have this extension which is even more differentiated in horses.

ADDED: About anatomy. Up until 7 years ago I was under the impression that men had one less rib than women, because God took Adam's rib to make women. That is bizarre I know. It is what I was taught as a child. That is how corruptive an influence that religion can be. Now it is "Intelligent Design" and even the "Big Bang" that are social corruptions of science by religion or religion as science. I don't disagree that there was a big "boom" several billion years ago, however I disagree that it was the origin of the universe. As easy as it would be to have counted ribs when I was living with women, it never occurred to me to doubt what was ingrained in my head as a child. I think it is a very perverse to do that to children. Religion and society also "class" women differently, which is really bizarre, IMHO.

ADDED MORE: I discovered that whales and dolphins as mammals likely originated on land! That makes perfect sense in the overall structure, however, that never occurred to me.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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