New secure type internet

I am glad to see [slashdot] this type of internet come along. Now all we need is some point to point light internet and we can have a really free internet that is owned by people instead of governments and corporations. I would like to see it done with near infra-red so that it would not be easily visible in its implementation. It means that companies and governments will be at a disadvantage as far as gathering information about individuals to control them. In the same way that governments use secrecy to build and maintain their power. I believe that it is already ( long ago ) possible to purchase -point to point- laser or fiber optic internet connection equipment.

It ultimately gives the same kind of power to individuals that is used by the state to enforce monolithic systems that favor the elitists that have established them. The idea of continuous erosion of personal freedom by the state can only be a bad thing. The only thing to do is fight back by replacing the tools they provide with a person's own tools that are free of embedded trickery. Would you buy a newspaper that came with a camera setup to watch what you read in the paper and record that for some purpose?

Governments and corporations discovered advertising long ago and even coins or stamps are a type of government advertising of power. It wasn't until the advent of radio, film, and then television that the full scope of that power was recognized. It was realized that they could use these media to control the very minds of the populace. Hitler was very good at that and many of the successful politicians in the US are also experts at this mental manipulation through imagery and tainted information.

I do not follow the reasoning that in order to remove the "bad" elements of society it is necessary to enslave everyone ( except the politicians ). They always exclude themselves from every law as a first step, just like they always give themselves pay raises before they consider minimum wage issues. Oddly in a climate of recession and economic failure, there is no one to adjust their salary down to reflect the shitty job they have done as stewards of state. They still live like pigs at a trough and always will, as long as there is government above the people and not of the people.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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